Product update

Relative value ideas from more than 30K bonds

With the announcement of our partnership with IHS Markit and access to more than 130K bond instruments, we are expanding the already available bond universes and adding the Investment Grade US Corporate bond and European supranational, sub-sovereign (regional) and agencies bonds universe, totalling to five distinct universes and over 30K bonds that users have access to.

The bond universes available to Katana are using industry-wide criteria that users have access to. Specifically, we now provide access to bonds from:

  1. Emerging Markets Sovereign and Corporate Bonds 
  2. EUR Investment Grade Corporate Bonds
  3. US Investment Grade Corporates Bonds
  4. European Government Bonds
  5. European SSA’s

Among other substantial UI improvements, we have also introduced the ability to save your current filters, allowing you to quickly access bonds of interest.

This release also includes:

  • Improvements in the calculation of our pair similarity score
  • An onboarding journey for new and existing users to the most important features
  • New customization features including:
    • The ability to save currently selected filters
    • Customizable dashboard with the ability to display your saved filters
  • Find ideas within your monitored bonds
  • Several UI improvements
  • Bug fixes