Product update

Monitoring multiple lists and discover which bonds are cheap and expensive using the RV score

We have added a novel metric, the Relative Value (RV) score, to discover and rank whether a bond is cheap or expensive on the Monitor page. In addition, we now support monitoring multiple lists.

With this release we empower users with more tools to monitor the bonds of interest. We do this by adding two powerful features in the Monitor page of Katana.

Multiple Monitor Lists 

As a user, you may want to follow the bonds you own in your portfolio, bonds in an ETF, bonds of interest to buy. We now enable users to monitor multiple lists. Those lists can be accessed through the filters and the dashboard. 

Creating a new Monitor list

Filtering within multiple Monitor lists

Relative Value Score

In your portfolio, you want to know which bonds you own are expensive, in your watchlist for ISINs of interest you want to know when a bond is cheap to buy it. We address this need by providing a new metric, the Relative Value score. Negative RV indicates expensive bonds and positive RV indicates cheap bonds. We provide the RV score for all your monitored bonds. 

This release also includes: