Product update

Liquidity indicators and enriched search for swapping a bond

We’ve listened to feedback and analysed how our users interact with the Katana platform. From this we identified some improvements to how users achieve the task of swapping a bond. These include introducing an indication of bond liquidity and the ability to pre-apply filters for the opposite side when searching for a specific bond.

We now include a value for the current amount outstanding of each bond along with our list of ideas, allowing users to better determine if a trade idea potentially has enough liquidity to execute. 

In addition to this we’ve also introduced pre-filters when searching for a bond to ensure search results are instantly more relevant. It is now possible to:

Another important change is now clicking a filter tag on the text will toggle matching that value on both sides of the trade. You will still be able to remove the filter easily by clicking on the cross icon within the tag.

Improved workflow for swapping a bond

To further streamline the experience it is now possible to quickly swap between trade ideas by selecting a bond name and choosing an alternative. The list of bonds that is displayed is derived from the other trade ideas Katana has generated on that day.

Clicking on a bonds ISIN will allow you to quickly search for that ISIN on the relevant side and clicking on a bond characteristic (such as Country of risk or Industry) will also allow you to quickly search for that characteristic against Katana’s trade ideas.

We’ve also extended the table of ideas on the Bookmarks page to include information about who created the bookmark and how long ago. This ensures that your latest bookmarks will be displayed at the top of the list.

This release also includes: