Product update

Katana has had a facelift with more accessible filters and a slick new design

We’ve spent some time refreshing Katana’s layout and improving the accessibility of some powerful filters on the Discover page. This ensures users can find relevant ideas even faster!

The filter bar is now on the left of the results table rather than above, allowing for many more of the extensive filters we provide you with to be immediately accessible. The panel is also collapsible, which allows you to fully focus on the results of your search.

Saving the criteria that you’ve selected is now even easier too! Simply clicking on the ‘Save Criteria’ button will allow you to name your search and then quickly access it again later using the ‘My Saved Criteria’ filter. You can even add the results of your saved criteria to your Dashboard by simply editing any of the four available widgets there!

In order to remove some unused space we’ve moved the universe selector from the right panel over to the left above the navigation. This optimises the available space and makes it easier to see which bond universe you’re currently viewing.

This release also includes: