March 2, 2021
Katana Labs

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Katana Labs joins Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program


Katana, a tool that identifies relative value opportunities for bond market dealers and asset managers, today announced that it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a build partner. Through this partnership, customers benefit from Google Cloud’s machine learning technology when using Katana to identify relative value opportunities in the bond market.

Katana is a unique tool that uses machine learning models to compare bonds in the same investable universe against each other and monitor shifts in relative value. Katana identifies which bonds have become cheaper or more expensive and detects reverting dislocations with 91% accuracy.

Key features include:

Using independent evaluated bond pricing, reference and liquidity data, Katana delivers unbiased market intelligence, enabling investors to optimize their holdings and achieve above-market returns. Fixed income portfolio managers and traders can monitor their holdings or watchlists to identify actionable opportunities and see broader trends in the market faster and more precisely.

“Using Google Cloud’s impressive, expansive and stable technology, Katana is able to offer a world class product at the cutting edge of machine learning that brings a new level of insight to bond trading” said Santiago Braje, founder and CEO of Katana.


Katana is the bond market tool for portfolio managers and traders that identifies the relative value opportunities in a portfolio or watchlist. Using advanced machine learning and the latest big data cloud technologies, Katana analyses up to 200 million bond pairs over five different universes to uncover relevant dislocations and help determine what looks relatively cheap and what is expensive. Our algorithm detects reverting dislocations with 91% accuracy to reveal specific trade ideas and see broader trends earlier, faster and more precisely. By separating signals from the noise, Katana provides a proven robust framework to enhance the user’s insights and enable them to navigate the investment space, profitably.

Katana was founded in 2019 with backing from ING and is headquartered in London.

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