Identify your relative value opportunities

Katana helps you identify the relative value opportunities in your portfolio or watchlist. Using advanced machine learning and the latest big data cloud technologies, Katana now analyses up to 200 million bond pairs over six different universes to show the relevant dislocations for the bonds in which you already have an interest and help you determine what looks relatively cheap and what is expensive. Our algorithm detects reverting dislocations with a 91% accuracy to reveal specific trade ideas and see broader trends earlier, faster and more precisely.  

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Our vision

Helping dealers and asset managers make data-driven decisions

By separating signals from the noise, Katana enhances your insights and gives you a proven robust framework to navigate your investment space, profitably

A Trader's View

Katana Labs
May 18, 2020

Ghana 23 / Kenya 24 revisited 18.05.20

Katana Labs
May 6, 2020

Hella’27 vs BMW’27 - 04.04.20


Discover new trade ideas

In a bond universe of 2,000 bonds there are 2,000,000 possible pair trade ideas. Every morning Katana scans the whole market for dislocations and identifies ideas worth exploring.

Scan for trends

A data-driven dashboard to get an overview of the latest trade ideas

Monitor your portfolio or watchlist

Receive alerts of opportunities to swap expensive bonds in your portfolio for a cheaper alternative when the odds are in your favour and be confident to trade at the right time. 

Search and filter

Search and filter the bond universe to find specific trade ideas matching your strategy and mandate.


Get a quick view of past trends and price inconsistencies per trade idea.


Save, share and comment on trade ideas with your team.
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Katana interface

About us

Founded by Santiago Braje, the team is located in London, looking for experienced traders, data-scientists and cloud developers

Santiago Braje

CEO & Founder

Dr Androniki Menelaou

COO & co-Founder

Dennis Vis


Dr Alexander De Souza

Head of Machine Learning

Buford Scott


Santiago Braje

CEO and Founder

Santiago Braje

Katana quickly points out potential trade pairs with atypical spread differentials. You screen and filter for obvious reasons such as liquidity premium on one leg of a trade or negative credit events, but in the remaining set of opportunities we found some very worthwhile trades to execute.
Chris Brils
Senior Portfolio Manager, Actiam
"We found a trade idea in Katana and a day after we executed our trades the sell-side made the same recommendation in a research note"
Thomas Thoden van Velzen
Portfolio Manager, PGGM
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